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Prevention of Violence Against Women - Anti-Trafficking Measures

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Prevention of Violence Against Women - Anti-Trafficking Measures

The problem of trafficking in women and children for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation has assumed serious proportion in recent years. Commercial exploitation of women and children takes place in various forms including brothel-based / home based prostitution, sex tourism, entertainment industry and pornography in print and electronic media. In some cases victims are taken to other States with the pretext of domestic help, marriages of poor girls by providing lump-sum money to the family head, fake marriages, developing love affair with promise to marriage, providing work in commercial / industrial units in group etc. while in some other cases, trafficking takes place within the State. The government policy on trafficking covers various aspects such as Prevention of trafficking, intelligence sharing, rescue, rehabilitation, economic empowerment, health care, education, housing, legal reforms and creation of corpus fund for addressing the problem of trafficking.

Objectives of Integrated Anti-Human Trafficking Unit (IAHTU):-

  • Ensuring focused attention in dealing with offences of human trafficking.
  • Providing a multi-disciplinary approach and a joint response by all stakeholders, such as Police, prosecutors, NG0s, civil society and media.
  • Bringing about inter-departmental collaboration among the Police and all other Government agencies and Departments such as Women Ft Child, Labour, Health etc.
  • Bringing about collaboration among Government agencies and the civil society.
  • Bringing about effective networking among various civil society partners, especially those working on specialised aspects of anti-human trafficking.
  • Ensuring a human rights approach in the response systems.
  • Ensuring a victim-centric approach which takes into account the best interest of the victim/survivor and prevents secondary victimisation/re-victimisation' of the victim.
  • Ensuring a gender sensitive and child rights sensitive approach in dealing with the victims.
  • Ensuring an 'organised crime' perspective in dealing with trafficking crimes.

As some components of the Action Plan have to be implemented at the District Level, the Govt has decided to constitute District Level Committee headed by District Collector for taking up activities of prevention, rescue and rehabilitation of victims. The Government has also instructed that Panchayat Samiti and Gram Panchayats be involved in the process for efficacious remedy.


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