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Swadhar Greh

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Swadhar Greh

Swadhar Greh


  •  To provide immediate shelter, food, clothing and care to women in crisis.
  •  To arrange for specific clinical, legal support in coordination with Local/ State administration.
  •  To coordinate in rehabilitating women in crisis.

Target Group:

  •  Widows deserted by their families and relatives.
  •  Women prisoners not accepted by the families.
  •  Women survivors of natural calamity.
  •  Trafficked women/girls rescued from brothels.
  • Women victims of terrorist violence.
  •  Mentally challenged women.
  •  Women with HIV/AIDS & deserted by their family.
  •  Any other category of women who are in distress. The detailed list of Swadhar Shelter Homes in the State is attached in Annexure-3.

Facilities provided in the Swadhar Shelter Homes

  •  Provision for food, shelter and clothing for the women and their children below the age of 18 years free of cost.
  •  Counselling for the women in difficult circumstances.
  •  Clinical, Legal and other support for women in difficult circumstances.
  • Training for the economic empowerment and rehabilitation of such women.
  •  Helpline facilities.
  • Following are the budget provisions for the different categories of Swadhar Shelter Homes

Number of inmates

Budgetary provision


Rs1838000('A' Grade City)


Rs1598000('B' Grade City)


Rs1454000 (Other Places)


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