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For Children

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For Children

Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) in India is the world's largest integrated early childhood programme and Odisha has around 71,000 sanctioned centres which provide the services throughout the State.

ICDS was launched in 1975 with the following objectives:

  • Improve the nutritional and health status of children in the age-group 0-6 years.
  • Lay the foundation for proper psychological, physical and social development of the child.
  • Reduce the incidence of mortality, morbidity a malnutrition.
  • Achieve effective coordination of policy and implementation amongst the various departments to promote child development.
  • Enhance the capability of the mother/care giver to look after the normal health and nutritional needs of the child through proper nutrition and health education.

ICDS Beneficiaries and Services

To achieve the above objectives, a package of six integrated services is provided in a comprehensive manner to meet the multi-dimensional and interrelated needs of the children. The Anganwadi Centre forms the focal point for the delivery of these services.


Target Group

Service Provided by

Supplementary Nutrition

Children below 6 years and Pregnant Et Lactating Women



Children below 6 years and Pregnant Women (PW)


Health Checkup

Children below 6 years and Pregnant Et Lactating Women


Referral Services

Children below 6 years and Pregnant Et Lactating Women


Pre-School Education

Children 3-6 years


Nutrition & Health Education

Adolescent Girls & Women (15-45 years)


The District Collector heads the ICDS Co-ordination Committee which should meet every month to discuss issues related to ICDS. Sub-Collectors are the Chairpersons of ICDS who provide support and guidance through reviews. At the village level, ward members, Jaanch Committee and Mothers Committee are involved in implementation and monitoring of the various activities.