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Mother and Child Protection Card

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Mother and Child Protection Card

Mother and Child Protection (MCP) Card is a joint initiative of ICDS and NRHM. It is a comprehensive multipurpose card which provides information to the parents/guardians on various types of services delivered through ICDS and NRHM, which the families can access and utilise for growth and development of their children and health of the mothers. MCP Card replaces the existing immunisation card. The card contains a unique identification number which is linked to the Mother Child Tracking software under NRHM. The card also contains the code of the AWC, along with detailed information about the AWC and the worker.


  • To serve as a tool for Community/families/individuals to learn, understand and follow positive practices for achieving good health of pregnant women, young mothers and children.
  • Provide information on various types of services which are needed to access for the health and well-being of women and children.
  • To empower the mothers to make decisions for improved health and nutritional status of their young children.