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Pustikar Diwas

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Pustikar Diwas

Pushtikar Diwas is organised on the 15th of every month, in the Block PHC/CHC. Severely undernourished children as per New WHO Growth Standards are referred by the AWW/ANM to the Block PHC/CHC for management & treatment. The Medical Officers undertake detailed examination, investigation(s), diagnosis and treatment of referred children, as per the treatment protocol.

Through Pushtikar Diwas, the State is implementing a community-based approach with an objective to:

  • Reduce the risk of death and disease amongst (0-6 yrs) children due to malnutrition.
  • Prevent malnutrition in early childhood through the promotion of improved child feeding, caregiving, and care seeking practices at the facility, family and community levels
  • Strengthen the convergence between Health & ICDS in order to improve the nutritional status of (0-5 yrs) children.
  • Strengthen the capacity of individuals, families, communities and the health systems to effectively manage and prevent malnutrition.